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Fracking - what is it exactly?

on Monday, 30 September 2013. Posted in News

Fracking is in the news all the time at the moment but what exactly is it? It's associated with recovering shale gas which could make a real difference to UK PLC but is it a gift-horse or will it damage the environment?

Personally, I believe we need to explore this energy option with vigour, not a free-for-all but a serious study with plenty of working wells on which to draw conclusions as soon as possible.  As a nation we can't keep avoiding making decisions, there is widespread objection to Nuclear Power, Coal is under-utilised and oil and gas are running out.  Wind, wave and hydro-electrics will never be able to deliver all our needs.  

Here are some useful links which explain the process of Fracking and give some opinions on the merits (or dangers) of shale gas recovery.

What is fracking and why is it controversial? (thanks to the BBC website).

What is fracking? (a video from National Geographic about well in North Dakota).

The dangers of fracking.  (an anti-fracking website, you will need to scroll down the screen).

Fracking's risks and benefits. (a more balanced view from the BBC again).

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