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Do plastic water bottles make you fat?

on Monday, 01 October 2012. Posted in Useful

Hmm perhaps this article explains the reading on the bathroom scales every morning.

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Living Social - Over 200 Deals Sold

on Thursday, 16 August 2012. Posted in Useful

Grab yourself an EcoGrill bargain at Living Social but hurry only 5 days left!

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Join us at Grillstock for food, music and special prices!

on Thursday, 28 June 2012. Posted in Useful

Grillstock is this weekend in Bristol.
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Food Festivals this summer

on Saturday, 23 June 2012. Posted in Useful

A list of the Top 10 Food Festivals this summer - enjoy!
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Keep your BBQ safe

on Tuesday, 12 June 2012. Posted in Useful

Here is a useful poster from that reminds us not to use a BBQ in a tent or enclosed space.  Feel free to print it out and display at your venue.

Safety Poster

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Treemendous recycling ideas

on Thursday, 17 May 2012. Posted in Useful

Here's a fantastic web page with some really cool and simple ways to re-use trees and branches.

Don't miss the Horse Sculptures link - not simple but beautiful.

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Darn it no longer - 7 uses for old socks

on Friday, 11 May 2012. Posted in Useful

Seven good ideas to re-use your old socks - best wash them first though!
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BBQ Safety Advice

on Tuesday, 08 May 2012. Posted in Useful

Following the tragic death of a young girl in Shropshire this week we want to remind EVERYONE using a BBQ (not just a disposable type) of the dangers of carbon monxoxide poisoning if used in a confined space.

Please ensure you use your BBQ in the open air and not in your tent or any other confined space where there is poor ventilation.

Here is a useful link to the Camping and Caravan Club safety advice.

Please take care and have fun with your BBQ.

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10 Great Ways to Re-Use old Toothbrushes

on Tuesday, 01 May 2012. Posted in Useful

This is a great website for ideas to re-use household items.

Here's the link for Toothbrushes

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Keep the Campfires Burning

on Thursday, 05 April 2012. Posted in Useful

Here's a great link listing over 100 campsites that allow you to have Campfires.

Campfires Burning.

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Win a BBQ

on Tuesday, 03 April 2012. Posted in Useful

Here's a chance to win a fantastic £199 Weber BBQ.

Just visit the Welwyn Hatfiield Times Newspaper Link by Wednesday 11th April 2012 for details.

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Facebook Page

on Tuesday, 15 November 2011. Posted in Useful

We now have our own Facebook Page.

We'll be adding a link shortly, in the meantime just click below:

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Barbecue Etymology

on Sunday, 06 November 2011. Posted in Useful

Did you know that the word barbecue comes from the Caribbean island of Hispaniola (Haiti and Dominican Republic)?

The native indians used a wooden frame, called a barbacoa, suspended over an open fire to smoke and dry meat.

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